6: Siege - The Board Game: Year 0 - Front-Line [Pre-Order]

6: Siege - The Board Game: Year 0 - Front-Line [Pre-Order]

Mythic Games

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Designer Carlos G.Q.
Publisher Mythic Games
Players 2-4
Suggested Age 14+

This expansion adds eight new operators with their miniature, profile and linked tokens and components. The new Operators are: Doc, Fuze, Glaz, Kapkan, mMontagne, Rook, Twitch and Tachanka. The Operators from this expansion are bringing excellent defense or resilience tools, with Montagne?s iconic shield, or Doc?s revival ability. Fuze and Twitch bring destructive capabilities unlike any other, while Tachanka?s iconic flamethrower makes areas hazardous for everyone (mostly your opponent, though!) Requires the core box.

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