Arcs: Miniatures Pack [Pre-Order]

Arcs: Miniatures Pack [Pre-Order]

Leder Games

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Designer Cole Wherle
Publisher Leder Games
Players 3-4
Suggested Age 14+

Arcs is a 3-4 player micro-campaign game which takes one to three sessions to finish. Players can also decide to play abridged campaigns that might take only 2 or even just 1 session. Each session takes 1-2 hours depending mostly on player experience. So, intrepid players can pretty easily play through all three acts in a single session. But, it’s also possible to save your progress if you’d prefer to save the final act for another day.

In Arcs, players start as small space-faring societies that make up a decrepit empire. Over the course of a campaign, they will be faced with daunting challenges and have to make some difficult choices. Will you be able to unify the outer systems before an impending invasion? Should you offer sanctuary to the refugees or leave them to their fate? The consequences of your choices will determine the scope of the games that follow. A confederacy of outer systems could come topple the empire. The refugees you ignored may have offered their secrets to another player. A crazed commercial tycoon might exhaust the galaxy of resources, plunging the universe into a new dark age. Players might even see themselves forced to abandon their homes, lonely as a vagabond (and with as few pieces!).

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