About Us

Meeples and Milkshakes Board Game Cafe, established September 2019!

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Opening a board game cafe has been our dream since 2014, shortly after we arrived in Penticton, BC. In the summer of 2019 we decided the time was right and we didn't want to put this off any further. We started working diligently on our business plan and on securing a great location to enjoy tasty food and drink while playing games.

In February 2020, after several attempts, we finally found the right location. Previously Spiro's Cubby Hole, our location is just right!

The deal closed in early March 2020, approximately an hour before the NBA announced the suspension of their basketball season, now seen as the tipping point for the pandemic in North America. It wasn't long after that a Provincial Health Emergency was announced and dine-in service was ordered closed for all restaurants!

If life was a game of Dungeons & Dragons, we rolled a natural 1.

Undeterred, we chose to make the best of a tragic situation by pivoting towards local and online sales of board games and puzzles until we could open our renovated location - which finally happened on September 25th, 2020!

Now that we are open we are excited to invite you to enjoy games from our extensive library of games, to enjoy a tasty milkshake (believe us they're sooo good!), and we're proud to offer you games to purchase at the best prices in Western Canada to take home and enjoy.