Chai Deluxe Bundle with High Tea Expansion + Playmat + Metal Coins [Pre-Order]

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Designer Dan Kazmaier, Connie Kazmaier
Publisher Steeped Games
Players 1-5
Suggested Age 8+
Additional Info More information on BoardGameGeek (Chai)
More information on BoardGameGeek (Chai: High Tea Expansion)

☕️ Chai — Deluxe Edition

One quali-tea copy of the Kickstarter Exclusive ️ Chai — Deluxe Edition. Includes all unlocked Retail and Deluxe Edition stretch goals. Have tea with friends and family while playing this immersive board game!

Unique features to the deluxe include:

  • 30 metal coins
  • GameTrayz™ deluxe insert
  • Metal 1st player token
  • 2 dice for AI solo variant
  • 10 deluxe exclusive cards
  • 5 deluxe superfan-inspired cards
  • 5 deluxe wild pantry tokens
  • Spot UV box text
  • Upgraded deluxe dice (16 mm)
  • 5 wild tea ingredient tiles
  • Linen box finish
  • 3 unique customer tips
  • 3 NEW ability cards


☕️ Chai: High Tea Expansion

Celebrate the diversi-tea of tea cultures in ☕️ Chai: High Tea, an expansion for Chai! Merchants spice up their teahouses with new player powers, featuring afternoon tea to refreshing horchata, or a sip of yerba mate.

Tea merchants receive unique double-sided ability boards at the start of the game. Abilities are used as an optional free action on a turn, and the board flips over whenever an ability is used.

This expansion includes 6 ability boards with 12 unique abilities, in addition to 2 transparent dice. Additional rules make the expansion compatible with Chai’s solo and co-op gameplay.

☕️ Chai — Playmat

The official ️ Chai Playmat measures roughly 70cm X 46cm, and is carefully crafted for gameplay. Use the five tea cups provided in the game, or place your own in the sky! For comparison, this beauty is slightly larger than the playmat for Century Spice Road (another one of our fav. games to play).

Illustration by the lovely Sahana VJ.

☕️ Chai — Metal Coins

Grab an extra pack of coins to bling out your copy or add to another game! Stacking perfectly, these coins are included in Chai Deluxe and come in three denominations with differing designs:

  • 15 X Copper ($1)
  • 10 X Silver ($2)
  • 5 X Gold ($3)

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