Nidavellir: Thingvellir

Nidavellir: Thingvellir


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Jean-Marie Minguez
Card Drafting, Chaining, Simultaneous action selection, Turn Order: Auction
Medieval, Mythology, Expansion
Designer GRRRE Games
Publisher Serge Laget
Players 2-5
Suggested Age 10+
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Ordered by the King, try to hire the most skillful dwarves to save Nidavellir, with the help of Dagfid, the queen who called powerful mercenaries with precious artefacts.

Now, the Elvaland with the highest bet can choose to take a card from the Camp (Artifact or Mercenary) instead of taking a card from the tavern being resolved. In the event of a tie, and to determine the highest bet on a current Tavern, refer to the gem values as in the base game. Only the Elvaland with the highest bet can get to the Camp and take a card there. The other Elvalands must, in the order of the bets, take a card from the tavern being resolved. If the Elvaland who played first chooses to take a card from the Camp, the remaining Dwarf card from the tavern must be discarded before moving on to the next tavern’s Resolution. The camp is made up of Artifact and Mercenary cards.

Thingvellir is an expansion and requires the basic game NIDAVELLIR to play it.


- 37 cards 
- 1 Camp Sign 
- 10 Class tokens
- 1 scoring pad

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