Rocketmen Miniature Expansion Set


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Publisher PHALANX
Players 1-4
Suggested Age 14+

Rocketmen is the new boardgame designed by Martin Wallace, a game which lets the players immerse themselves in a fast-paced race to the final frontier: Space. To explore Space you need spaceships, bases, space stations, and everything else that allows you to complete your missions.

Rocketmen Miniature Expansion Set is what you need to upgrade their presence in the game. In this accessory set players will find 48 Plastic Mission miniatures (12 per player, 98 degree PVC) in 4 colors, 36 plastic miniature bases (9 per player, crystal clear acrylic) to replace players' tokens, to mark missions that were successfully launched and the mission points.

And remember, while the Universe might wait for you eternally, your opponents won't! 


• 48 Plastic mission miniatures (12 per player in 4 colors)

• 36 Plastic bases (9 per player in crystal clear acrylic)

THIS IS NOT A COMPLETE GAME. You must own a copy of Rocketmen to play.

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