Star Trek Ascendancy: The Breen Confederacy

Star Trek Ascendancy: The Breen Confederacy

Gale Force Nine

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Katie Dillon
Dice Rolling, Variable Player Powers, Modular Board, Point to Point Movement, Trading, Action Point Allowance System, Events, Simulation
Sci-Fi, Civilization, Expansion, Movies / TV / Radio theme
Designer Andrew Haught, Phil Yates
Publisher Gale Force Nine
Players null
Suggested Age null
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Expansion for Star Trek Ascendancy Board Game, including everything you need to add the Breen and another player to your games of Star Trek Ascendancy.

Discover new star systems, encounter new Exploration Cards, plus more Space Lanes and Resource Nodes

"Never turn your back on a Breen"
- The Romulans

—description from the publisher

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