Sub Terra: Annihilation [Pre-Order]

Sub Terra: Annihilation [Pre-Order]

Inside the Box Board Games LLP (ITB)

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Diana Franco Campos
Cooperative Play, Variable Player Powers, Grid Movement, Network and Route Building, Press Your Luck, Action Point Allowance System, Pick-up and Deliver
Exploration, Horror, Expansion
Designer Tim Pinder
Publisher Inside the Box Board Games LLP (ITB)
Players 1–6
Suggested Age 10+
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Description from the publisher:

You're in way over your head. The nightmares in this cave must be destroyed, by any means necessary.

Annihilation introduces a totally new way to play the game. Push deeper into the cave to reach points of structural weakness, plant powerful bombs, then get back to the exit before they detonate. The Exterminator can stop horrors from spawning and is immune to gas, helping keep your escape routes open while you complete your mission. This isn't going to be easy.

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