Villagers: Shift Seasons Expansion [Pre-Order]

Villagers: Shift Seasons Expansion [Pre-Order]

Sinister Fish

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Designer Haakon Gaardor
Publisher Sinister Fish Games
Players 1-5
Suggested Age 8+
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Through the year various traditions, visitors, and events give the villages interesting opportunities for business and expansion.

Shifting Seasons features several new modules for the Villagers base game, allowing for greater variability, more opportunity, and even more crucial decisions. The expansion adds enough new cards and official rules for games to last an extra round on average, allowing players to build even bigger and better villages!

- Event cards offer new actions and scoring opportunities for all players.

- Powerful new Special villagers like the Engineer, Inventor, and Merchant offer rule-bending abilities.

- A whole new suit of villagers allows for longer games at 4 & 5 players, or can be used to mix up any game by replacing the Grapes suit.

- Teams are a new villager type that can be recruited at any time to add an extra food or build icon.

- A new way to play solo: The Monastery Solo Mode offers a more relaxed single player experience.

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