Event Policies

We offer a plethora of amazing Events at Meeples & Milkshakes!

If there is an event you'd like to sign up for, all our current events are listed on our Events page here

Please keep a watch on your Email you used to sign up for the Event in case of changes to the Event, this is the main way of communicating with you in regards to those, if a phone number is preferred please let us know by putting it in the "notes" option during Checkout or contacting us at games@meeples.ca


  • Please be punctual, dates and times are listed on each event for when the event starts, if you are late the Event may start without you and you may miss information.
  • If you have to Cancel, a full refund is issued if the Cancellation is made more than 24 hours from the Event.
  • If the Event is cancelled, a full refund will be issued or you can move the payment to a different event.
  • Cancellations within 24 hours of the Event will not be refunded, some exceptions may be made depending on the Event.
  • Competitive Event prizes are subject to change, if a change is made and you purchased a ticket, you will be notified of this change.
  • Learn to "" Events are hosted with the best of our ability and the Host Person(s) ability to teach the game(s) advertised in the Event, we do not guarantee you will fully pick up the game(s) or fully Learn the game(s) as Learning and Teaching styles may differ from your preferred style.