Stay & Play

At Meeples and Milkshakes Board Game Cafe, we offer an expansive board game library of over 530 games! For only $7 per person ($4 ages 12 and under) you have access to play board games from our library for the duration of your visit.

For your health and safety, we have:

  • Huge plexiglas dividers between tables (6 feet wide by 4 feet high!)
  • Hand sanitizer on all tables
  • Upgraded ventilation for fresh air

We also quarantine games between plays for at least 24 hours, often longer, and since we have so many games there's a good chance any particular game hasn't been handled in quite a while.

We also have multiple copies of some of the most popular games to help ensure that the game you'd like to play is available for you and has been unplayed for a while longer.

Annual Memberships

Individual: $125 + GST

Families: $249 + GST (2 adults plus your children)

Members receive unlimited Stay and Play, and other perks throughout the year. For example, during our Black Friday sale, members received an additional 5% off all board games and food/drink.

The Game Library