Stay & Play

At Meeples and Milkshakes Board Game Cafe, we offer an expansive board game library of over 530 games! For only $7 per person ($4 ages 12 and under) you have access to play board games from our library for the duration of your visit.

For your health and safety, we have:

  • Huge plexiglas dividers between tables (6 feet wide by 4 feet high!)
  • Hand sanitizer on all tables
  • Upgraded fresh-air ventilation

We also have multiple copies of some of the most popular games to help ensure that the game you'd like to play is available for you.

Annual Memberships

Individual: $125 + GST

Families: $249 + GST (2 adults plus your children)

Members receive unlimited Stay and Play, and other perks throughout the year. For example, during our Black Friday sale, members received an additional 5% off all board games and food/drink.

The Game Library