What is a Meeple?

Meeples are small figures used to represent the players in a board game - often with a human stylized form. The word "meeple" comes from a combination of the words "my" and "people". Used in playing and scoring, they are found in games of many different genres.

Meeples are seen in many modern games, starting with Carcassonne, but also Charterstone, and Root: A Game of Woodland Might and Right.

Meeples on a Carcassonne scoring board

The first modern board game the founders of Meeples and Milkshakes Board Game Cafe ever played was Carcassonne, and as such the meeple has a special place in our hearts.

In our first game, Jim played the yellow meeples, Cheryl played the green meeples, Xavier played the red meeples, and Cyan played the blue meeples (of course). Ever since that first game of Carcassonne so many years ago, when we play games as a family, we try to stick to those colours.