Pre-Order Policies

We are excited to offer pre-orders of certain titles!

If there is a game you would like to be able to pre-order from us but it's not available on our site yet, we can probably add it! Please email us at and request it, we'll do our best to get your game pre-ordered at our distributors so we can get a pre-order from you.

You'll know when a pre-ordered game has been released because we'll remove the [Pre-Order] suffix from the game's title on our site.


  • When you pre-order a game, you pay for it in full at the time you place the pre-order. Pre-orders are fulfilled in a first-in-first-out order.
  • We ask you do not mix pre-orders and in-stock games in the same order - if you do we will hold your in-stock games until the pre-orders have arrived. If you do this accidentally, we can split the fulfilment of your order to ship your in-stock games before the pre-orders arrive, but you will have to pay for each shipment separately.
  • We will ship your pre-orders as soon as all of the items in your order have arrived. If you know you're waiting on pre-orders and want to place additional orders to be held until the pre-orders arrive, you can leave those instructions in your order if you put the Hold/Merge Order item in your cart.
  • In very rare situations, a publisher may fail to send our distributors enough copies to fulfill *their* pre-orders, which could in turn cause us to not receive enough to fulfill *our* pre-orders. Should this happen we will contact you and ask if you would like to wait until our next shipment or cancel the pre-order. Should the publisher or distributor cancel the product, we'll refund your pre-order with no restocking fee.
  • Should the price of the game end up being less when it's released than our pre-order price, we'll issue you a store credit for the difference. If the price of the game increases a modest amount, there's no extra charge for you. Should the price of a game increase significantly due to reasons beyond our control we reserve the right to cancel pre-orders and refund your pre-order payment.
  • Your pre-orders may be cancelled until they have arrived at our suppliers.
  • Cancelled pre-orders are subject to a 15% restocking fee.
  • When refunding a pre-order, if we are no longer able to refund to the method of payment you provided (such as a credit card), we will issue a gift card for the refund.