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Fréderic Bertrand, Marek Bláha, Andrea Boekhoff, Klemens Franz, Oliver Freudenreich, Inge George, Guido Hoffmann, Alexander Jung, Harald Lieske, Atelier Löwentor, Doris Matthäus, Björn Pertoft, Uwe Rosenberg, Johann Rüttinger, Barbara Stachuletz, Franz Vohwinkel, Markus Wagner
Hand Management, Set Collection, Trading, Negotiation
Card Game, Farming, Negotiation
Designer Uwe Rosenberg
Publisher Amigo
Players 2-7
Suggested Age 13+
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As card games go, this one is quite revolutionary. Perhaps its oddest feature is that you cannot rearrange your hand, as you need to play the cards in the order that you draw them. The cards are colorful depictions of beans in various descriptive poses, and the object is to make coins by planting fields (sets) of these beans and then harvesting them. To help players match their cards up, the game features extensive trading and deal-making.

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