Fantastic Factories

Fantastic Factories

Metafactory Games

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Joseph Z Chen
Hand Management, Dice Rolling, Worker Placement, Simultaneous Play, Card Drafting, Worker Placement with Dice Workers
Card Game, Dice, Industry/Manufacturing
Designer Joseph Z Chen, Justin Faulkner
Publisher Metafactory Games
Players 1-5
Suggested Age 14+
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It's a manufacturing arms race! Who can build the most efficient set of factories in the shortest amount of time?

Discover creative combinations of factories. With dice manipulation, each turn is a puzzle of how to allocate your dice as workers and chain together actions.

  • Approachable gateway game with simple iconography
  • Easy to learn, 5 minutes to teach
  • High replay value with 40+ unique cards
  • Lots of strategic depth under 1 hr/game
  • Solo mode or up to 5 players
  • Thick, chunky double layered player boards for placing dice into
  • Received The Dice Tower Seal of Excellence and LUCI Award


  • 96 Cards
  • 28 Dice
  • 169 Chipboard tokens
  • 1 Wooden first player marker
  • 5 Double layered player boards
  • Rulebook and plastic insert

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