Free Radicals

Free Radicals


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Tomasz Chistowski
Variable Player Powers, Worker Placement, Tile Placement, Card Drafting, Action Point Allowance System, Pick-up and Deliver, Pattern Building, Action Queue, Chaining, Tech Trees / Tech Tracks
Economic, Negotiation

Designer Nathan Woll
Publisher WizKids
Players 2–5
Suggested Age 14+
Additional Info More information on BoardGameGeek

In Free Radicals, players take control of one of ten fully asymmetrical factions, each with its own path to earn resources, power, and the knowledge stored in the "Free Radicals", which are giant mysterious objects that appeared around the world, causing a huge evolutionary leap in technology. You might play as the merchants, using action points to travel to different markets, and grow in influence and efficiency; the Couriers, using your drones to pick up and deliver valuable goods; the Entertainers, using card placement and abilities to maximize powerful abilities; or one of seven other entirely unique factions!

Players also interact through the main board, where they can visit each other's buildings and try to unlock the technology in one of the free radicals. You can even help your opponents' research in return for influence and other rewards!

—description from the publisher

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