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Designer Apolline Jove
Publisher Pegasus Spiele GmbH
Players 3-5
Suggested Age 8+
Additional Info More information on BoardGameGeek

Friendship is green, and we are colorful? Yes!

In reMEmber, colors have to be assigned to words. Players should always connect their choice with a personal story. Everyone at the table tries to remember this story because in the end it's the WE that counts and what all players are able to remember together!

At the beginning of the game, all players receive a set of twelve different color cards. In each round, they assign a word to a color card and tell the group why they chose that color. At the end of the game, all players together try to recall everyone's colors and stories. For each color or story that's incorrect or not told, the team gets one minus point. Of course, no one is allowed to name their own color or story.

reMEmber is a new edition of Farben that is now played co-operatively and contains many new words.

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