Vinyl: Masters of Metal

Vinyl: Masters of Metal

Talon Strikes Studios LLC

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James Churchill, Jason Washburn
Hand Management, Set Collection
Designer Eric Alvarado
Publisher Talon Strikes Studios LLC
Players 2–4
Suggested Age 10+
Additional Info More information on BoardGameGeek

The Masters of Metal is a Vinyl band expansion that builds on the base game of Vinyl and introduces the basic collections and memorabilia. Historically, memorabilia (such as t-shirts and posters) was purchased for a favorite band. The memorabilia added value to the collector's collection. In MoM, players can acquire memorabilia and attach it to a collection. The memorabilia enhances the collections value (or length). In order to attach memorabilia, like icons (decade, live, picture disc) needs to be arranged so that the icons are adjacent between albums. The more albums and memorabilia the longer the collection. Unlike the base game, the basic collections only require the player to match bands and rewards players for long dedicated collections. MoM is compatible with Top Shelf, Publisher Expansion, and the Clearance Bin.

For 6 the new bands (Blacksmith, Pistonhead, Iron Forge, Electric, Judean Ingot, Aluminum), the following is included in this expansion:
66 Magazine Cards
72 Album Cards

—description from the publisher

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