July 2nd update

Posted by Jim Roepcke on

Our retail store will be open each Saturday 8:30am - 2:00pm (and possibly later) until renovations begin. We may expand our retail hours further in the coming days, stay tuned.
Masks are required inside at this time. We expect you bring your own, but we can provide one at the front door as long as we have enough to share.
Once renovations are done and we have City and Interior Health approval to open we'll finally be able to offer food services (milkshakes and much more!) and stay-and-play from our extensive game library.
We're still open Tuesday through Friday 5-6pm when we have confirmed online order pickups, and we continue to offer free deliveries on those days. Thank you so much for your support, we're now into our 3rd month of (limited) operations!
Please share this post to help us get the word out about it being finally possible to browse and buy from a GREAT selection of board games in Penticton! It's a dream come true for us and many other board gamers in this awesome city!
We're proud to boast we have the best prices in BC, on par with the big online retailers in Ontario. If you need your order to be shipped, in our recent experience you'll likely receive it in BC in just 1-2 business days instead of the 10 business days it's taking to receive packages from Ontario. Our shipping prices match or beat big Ontario stores and we offer free shipping at the same or lower order totals.
The breadth of our inventory doesn't match those big eastern-based stores, but we order from the same distributors, have been doing a lot of special orders, and can usually get your special orders to you more quickly than you could get them buying from the Ontario-based stores because our shipments arrive via FedEx and the like.
Soon our website will have a pre-order section, and we support standing orders for many products. We are working hard to be the best choice for tabletop gamers in BC and Western Canada. 🇨🇦

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